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The company almost annually announces the launch of innovative devices that successfully compete with global counterparts. As of 2021, 20% of Svetlana’s products were exported, and in terms of high-tech developments, this is the exception rather than the rule for our country (high-tech products account for only 2.5% of total Russian exports). The company operates in Murino, which is currently the largest city in the Leningrad Region, with a population exceeding 104,000. Euroinvest Development also has projects in Kudrovo — another rapidly growing settlement in the region (in 2010 it had a population of 137, but today it is just under 65,000). The developer has repeatedly solved problems for shareholders who were scammed, finishing residential complexes that other market participants failed to construct.

  • As you said earlier, the sphere of Euroinvest’s interests is extensive; for instance, we are deeply involved in science.
  • After all, there is a historical fact that the light bulb Svetlana went into people’s memory as an Illich bulb, and the old brand has remained almost unknown to the general public for many decades.
  • The highest assessment of our work is satisfied residents of our houses, who receive not only good apartments but also excellent infrastructure.

By the mid-1990s, Andrey Berezin, biography of whom already included several large projects, decided to establish his own investment business. In 1995, Berezin Andrey left this business, ceding his share to the co-owners. The entrepreneur maintained good relations with his former business colleagues and subsequently provided financial and other support to the consortium on several occasions. The future investor began his work life during his university years. He didn’t shy away from low-status jobs and worked part-time as a janitor at a factory in Leningrad.

Another approximately half a million squares meters are under construction. Such figures position Euroinvest Development among the leading developers of the region. In 1993, Berezin Andrey Valeryevich put the resulting profit ($2 million) towards diversifying his business interests, and together with a group of partners, he founded the fishing company OLMA. Its fleet rapidly expanded in the early days due to the purchase of new ships.

Andrey Berezin: ‘Nowadays, the Intellect is the Main Value’

It is interesting that this, paired with the announcement, had all the necessary infrastructure, of which was created to sell not only new devices but also the crystals themselves. The company does not repeat its mistakes, and priority is given to sales. The foundation also assists in the professional realization of people with health limitations, helping them find jobs, in particular. Andrey Berezin, biography of whom was intertwined with the emerging domestic IT industry, together with other students, established a scientific-production team that developed software for various organizations. In particular, the budding entrepreneur and his colleagues developed software for access control systems.

andrey valeryevich berezin

Andrey is a graduate of Harvard University, Ural Federal University, and RUDN University with graduate degrees in Civil Engineering, Investment Management, Finance, and International Economics. Our construction division, Euroinvest Development, was also created in 2017. It realized that the sprawling business is cramped within Euroinvest, and it is necessary to allocate new directions. I never doubted that I should be engaged in construction and development activities. Long ago, I started to acquire ownership of the land both within the city and in the region, realizing that it was a worthy investment. The problem was not in buying land but in developing it competently, building it up, and selling the real estate built on time and without losses.

Enthalpies of the solute transfer

In the age of modern technology, we can avoid repeating this mistake, and we can be proud of our history and genuine heroes of science and industry, of whom can think and work for decades, not just one day. Finally, the most important thing is to do it not only in museums, but also by getting high-quality medical care or enjoying timely and qualitatively repaired roads. Today, Svetlana is one of the oldest, but one of the most profitable domestic brands. This is the unique case when there is no painful nostalgia for the past, enough influential modern projects that form the basis of import substitution for many years in a row.

Andrey Berezin: Charitable and Social Activities

The fund is also interested in the production of components for various high-tech economic sectors. In the fall of 1967, Andrey Berezin was born in Leningrad to a family of engineers. His parents first met when they were students at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute (now known as the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University). Their son attended a specialized mathematics school, was actively involved in various sports, and loved to read.

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