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kpi for support team

With more companies turning to AI, it’s important to understand the relevant KPIs for virtual agents. An article in the Los Angeles Times has referred to customer service agents as the “punching bag” on the front lines. The article focuses on the airline industry, but I would argue that agents across all industries deal with difficult customers daily. According to the publication, “Agents are subjected to verbal abuse almost daily. It’s a thankless job requiring patience and thick skin.” Agents often bear the brunt when something goes wrong – whether it’s a missing ingredient in a meal-kit, a lost bag, or lost package. You can create your own dashboard, or access out-of-the-box data platforms from agent desk software like Salesforce, Zendesk, Gladly or Freshdesk, among other customer experience management platforms.

kpi for support team

There’s no confusion over who should reply, which prevents multiple or no replies and ensures customers remain happy. You can’t improve your KPIs if your team has no knowledge of what those KPIs even are. Share them with your team and get their buy-in by explaining the “why” behind the KPIs and how it will help them become more skilled agents. The software provides a KPI dashboard and reports that allow you to view critical data at a glance without manually compiling information. The resolution rate should be viewed within the context of the number of reopened tickets because, on its own, it can paint an incomplete picture. For example, you may find that someone with a high resolution rate has subsequently reopened many of the closed tickets.

How can you create a culture of KPI monitoring and improving?

If you find that you have a low CES score, identify how to remove obstacles and friction. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines a company’s commitment to its customers, clarifying the product (or service) requirements and responsibilities of each party involved. Monitor the revenue churn not just as a bigger picture, but also on an individual (customer) level so that you can identify reasons for churn and improve in the future. Measure this customer service KPI over time and see how your trend line is. If at some point they reach an unusually high percentage, it might be good to dig deeper.

kpi for support team

This shows the percentage of issues actually resolved by your agents from the number of total tickets received. You acted on the its effectivity, and made adjustments to improve the process and hit your target. So if your CSAT score is low, then going back to improving your response and resolution times might be worthwhile.

KPI For Support Team

Customer Service KPIs are essential to evaluate the effectiveness of a company’s customer service team. They measure customer satisfaction levels, track customer feedback, and monitor the team’s ability to acquire, manage, and retain customers. By measuring response time, resolution time, customer churn rate, and customer feedback scores, businesses can identify areas for improvement and enhance the customer experience.

kpi for support team

Find industry-standard metric definitions and choose from hundreds of pre-built metrics. Well, first of all, we write a clear objective of what we’re trying to measure and control. And when we look at qualitative, we’re considering how much time is spent with mentoring.

Average Resolution Time (ART)

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