Use Split Targets to sell coins in intervals as the price rises – use Trailing Take Profit to follow the price and automatically sell in the event of a reversal. View multiple currency exchange charts with TradingView signals simultaneously in one place. There are no long-term commitments or contracts, and users can choose to upgrade or downgrade their subscription plan as needed. Immediate BitXDR also supports over 20 exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase Pro, and KuCoin. However, it is important to note that not all exchanges may be available in all regions or countries. This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the individual.

Here, you will be able to increase your security level and personalize the notifications of your bots, among other things. Finally, make sure you check the profitability information of the Immediate BitXDR bot strategies that use these signals. It’s worth mentioning that these scores are granted by Immediate BitXDR itself and represent an impartial view of the bot’s performances. This signal will control your bot and open and close trades on your behalf. Before you activate it, make sure you thoroughly read about how this particular signal works and its intended use.

  • Please do not be concerned – as the profit increases, the bot will increase order sizes to match the step size the exchange’s trading rules will permit.
  • These people live, eat, and breathe the markets, as well as have access to insider information and data not available to retail investors.
  • At each level, the bot places a buy or sell Limit Order, allowing you to buy or sell depending on the direction of the price.
  • The auto trading bot also has a stop-loss feature that helps to protect users’ capital in the event of a sharp market downturn.

You can easily track the composition, trading history, and profit and loss of your cryptocurrency portfolio, even if it is spread across multiple exchanges. The Immediate BitXDR trading interface rises above our competition due to its large number of automation tools and its simple and intuitive layout. Note that the Immediate BitXDR price does not include Immediate BitXDR bot usage fees or the trading fees from the exchanges themselves. Fortunately, there’s no additional Immediate BitXDR commission for the trades you will be executing through the platform.

Immediate BitXDR

Users can also utilize technical indicators like RSI, MACD, and Bollinger Bands to optimize entry points in the market. Traders can make good profits by trading Bitcoin or other crypto assets. Successful use of trading bots requires an understanding of price action, market trends, and keeping an eye on news and macroeconomic factors that could affect market habits. Immediate BitXDR is a popular platform for traders interested in trading bots or who need more advanced trading functionality. Immediate BitXDR is one of the safest crypto trading platforms mainly because it does not take custody of its users’ assets.

This comprehensive comparison analyzes Immediate BitXDR vs. Immediate BitXDR across key criteria like features, price, ease of use, security and more. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of these two top crypto trading bot platforms so you can decide which is right for you. But first, let’s start with an overview of what each platform brings to the table. Immediate BitXDR bot supports over 16 cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, BitMEX, and Coinbase Pro, while Immediate BitXDR supports over 20 crypto exchanges, including Kucoin, Bitfinex, and Kraken. Both trading bots provide access to a wide range of trading pairs across these exchanges.

This auto-renewal can be disabled at any time under the Subscription history section on the Subscription page in your Immediate BitXDR personal account. New subscription plans are available to everyone starting from November 21st, 2023. For new users, we have created a dedicated page that can be opened by clicking on the Beginner guide tab. Continuing on with the same example, let’s say that Bitcoin increases in value by 20% and thus, it is now priced at $12,000 against USDT. While your stop loss was previously set at $9,000 (10% of $10,000), it will now stand at $10,800. The reason for this is that the 10% stop loss order will adjust as the price of Bitcoin increases.

The highest-paid and most successful hedge fund and portfolio managers in the world make on average between 8-15% per year. Warren Buffet, often considered the greatest investor of all time, shoots for around 20-30% per annum. These people live, eat, and breathe the markets, as well as have access to insider information and data not available to retail investors. The best portfolio managers get paid millions to consistently earn that amount. Recent severe security blunders have called the reputation of into question and has left crypto traders seeking alternatives.

Both platforms offer a range of trading strategies, such as scalping, trend trading, and dollar-cost averaging. However, Immediate BitXDR also provides a unique feature known as “trailing take profit,” which enables traders to maximize their profits by allowing them to follow the price of an asset as it rises. Immediate BitXDR is a trading bot platform that allows users to create and customize automated trading strategies. Traders can use a wide range of indicators and signals to create their strategies, and they can backtest them to see how they would have performed in the past.

With it, you can specify an upper price limit as well as lower one so your trades will always be safe even if there’s a huge move in either direction! You also have Take Profit and Stop loss available which makes trading easier than ever before. Immediate BitXDR is a paid crypto trading bot as another Immediate BitXDR Alternative.

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